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Four Reasons Why Jews and Other Victims of the Nazi Regime Stayed in Germany

When we look back at the atrocities of Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia against so many millions of people, one can't help but wonder why those people stayed in their countries when they had so much time and opportunity to leave before things got so terrible.

Why didn't the German Jews leave in the early or mid-1930s when the government and pubic opinion was really starting to get hostile to them?  Why did they stay in Germany until they were no-longer allowed to leave?  Did they not see what was coming?

When a government becomes hostile to a group of people, why do those people stay instead of finding friendlier lands to raise their families?

Here are four reasons why people choose to remain in a miserable state which endangers themselves and their children.


Patriotism is often described as one's loyalty to their country.  In the United States, many people will
German Jewish schoolchildren greet Nazi soldiers with salute.
say they love their country, but dislike their government.  What do they mean by country?  When asked, they will often speak of the geography of the area they live in or speak about some of the ideals that the government is supposed to have (whether or not they actually exist).  Many Americans explain their patriotism using terms like "freedom or democracy" to describe their government.  When it is pointed out that the government restricts their freedom, they often turn a blind eye and refuse to listen, or they make excuses - passing on the governments' reasoning (war on terror, etc).

Government uses the emotions of the people to keep them loyal, no matter how much abuse they endure.  Government spends millions of dollars to fly fighter jets over full stadiums, while the National Anthem plays, and fireworks light up the sky, to catch people when they are in an emotional state
(before their favorite sports team's big game).  Logic goes out the window, only feelings matter.  It doesn't matter that the NSA is listening on every one of your phone calls, reading every email and text, and your local police are militarizing in your home town.  The waving flags, images of wounded combat troops on the Jumbo-Tron, and the tune of America the Beautiful playing in the background all tell you that you're free and you're safe, while at the same time convincing you that you live in the greatest country on earth, and that it's hell everywhere else.

German Jewish couple welcomes Nazi soldiers into their neighborhood.  
These same tactics were in place in Nazi Germany.  While having just suffered defeat, they sold the idea that Germany can be great again and that it will rise to the ideals on which they believed they were founded and destined to bring to the primitive outside world.

Most German Jews were proud Germans who believed strongly in the enlightened ideals that their government promised.  They believed Germany to be the greatest nation on earth.  They loved their freedom and saw their lack of actual freedom as a small price to pay for their security and imagined freedom.  

The Nazis instilled a sense of pride in Das Vaterland.  The Soviets taught their children about the Call of their Motherland.  Children in the United States are taught about the need for Homeland security.  The names differ slightly, but that tactic is the same.

Love and pride in the Fatherland, Motherland or Homeland have proven to be a plague that allows insane megalomaniacs to be catapulted into power.


You've heard it uttered by many people, phrases like "My grandfather built this house!  This is where I'm going to stay!" or "My ancestors settled this land, this is where I'm gonna die!" or something along those lines.

German Jews have a history in that area that goes back as far as 1500 years.  For much of that time, they fared pretty well overall.  Many European Jews had ancestors who fled from other lands and settled somewhat safely in that area.  But it's important to remember that just like we are warned in buying financial products, past performance is not an indicator of future success.  Just because things used to be good doesn't mean they will continue to be.

In the U.S., over 59% of the people die within the state that they were born in.  Many of them never see other states, let-alone other countries.  So many people exist in a prison of their own creation.  The citizens of the United States are well-known world-wide as being the least cosmopolitan people on earth.  In other words, the people of the United States tend to live in a bubble of isolation, fully convinced that where they live is the best place on earth, while never having stepped foot anywhere else.

To a thinking person, this is insanity.  Science demonstrates the detrimental effects of isolation on the human brain.

Sadly,  this accurately describes over half of the U.S population.  While it may not be the clinical definition of insanity, it is clearly not a healthy worldview.

We all know the old adage that teaches us to walk a mile in someone's shoes before you judge them but, statistically speaking, Americans have pretty much made up their minds that they are better than all the other countries without even leaving their living rooms.

Then there are the others who hold paradoxical beliefs.  They do go visit other countries for vacation. While they know their country is the best, they have their favorite "getaway spots" where they go to enjoy a small bit of sanity for a couple weeks before returning to their 50 weeks of miserable "real world" life.  To them, the getaway is not real... it's a fantasy that they get to indulge in briefly.  They never stop to think that perhaps - just maybe - the people that live in those places they visit might have a better and happier life. That's not possible in their minds, because we all know that this is the best country on Earth.

Much of this is the result of public schooling which has over the years indoctrinated us all from our early childhood that America was the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, Land of Opportunity, etc. From Kindergarten and even preschool, children are taught to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, without even understanding the meaning of the words they recite.  This programming is everywhere, all around us at all times.

Being rooted in one geographic area for an entire lifetime is bad, but generations and generations of
living in one place is much worse.  The world is vast and liberty never thrives in one place.  In fact, the very definition of liberty is the ability to travel to other locations without hindrance.  Notice that this is usually what governments work to restrict first - by creating their borders and then regulating the movement across those borders - all under the guise of keeping you safe from dirty outsiders and of course to protect "your" jobs.  Once they have you confined to an area within their "jurisdiction", you are much easier to control, tax/rob, and manipulate for their nefarious purposes. A slave that is unwilling to leave the plantation saves the plantation owner from the hassle of building a fence and hiring guards.  In fact, in the United States, they have even figured out how to convince the slaves to demand a fence with guards, electronic monitoring, and drone surveillance!


Turn on the news at any time of any day and you will be inundated with reasons to live in fear.  The media has taught you that you need to fear the Taliban, then Al Qaeda, Bird Flu then Swine Flu, then Anthrax, then Mad Cow syndrome.  Following those panics, came outbreaks of SARS, E. Coli, then ISIS/ISIL and Ebola... When those stories faded from the public consciousness, a Measles outbreak in Disneyland took center stage.  Now Measles is gone and it's Listeria in the ice cream as the current Panic Du Jour.  

For each one of these crises, the government sets itself up as the supposed protector.  While government is usually painfully slow at doing anything, for these panics, there seems to instantly be a very large and extensive set of bills introduced into the various legislatures overnight.  The solution is always the same...   More power for them and less liberty for  you. 

While all this is going on, the U.S. Department of State is issuing travel warnings telling citizens about the dangers of going to foreign lands. It should be noted that the State Department has been placed under the control of the Department of Homeland Security.


The belief that things would get better.  This is based on a false assumption that government wants to fix problems.  The fact is that government wants and needs people to be dependent on them.  That is the source of their power and wealth.  Government creates dependents by crippling people's ability to fend for themselves, to feed their families, or make a living.  Ever-increasing taxation, regulatory
burdens, inflation, and an ever-growing body of laws that restrict freedom and stifle innovation force the victims into accepting government assistance at every turn and to welcome government into every aspect of their lives.   With this, they begin to feel that by making their voice heard either at the ballot box, or some administrative bureau that things can improve.  That is never the case.  Government never reduces its power.  It exists to grow in scope and power and exists only for the sake of its own expansion.  Power is never returned to the people voluntarily.  They only lose it in revolution, which is usually violent and only succeeds in replacing the old government with a newer one which will grow and do the same as the one just replaced sometime in the future.

Many of the Jews of Nazi Germany throughout the 1930s did not believe that the persecution against them would continue indefinitely.  They believed that the state valued their industrious nature and that ultimately the government would see that they needed the Jewish people.  At that time, 24% of Germany's Nobel Prize winners were Jewish.  Many Jewish leaders believed that they would find safety and redemption in the fact that they drove a large part of the German economy.  Their mistake was in thinking that the government values the same things that the people do.  A booming economy does not serve the state.  The state seeks something different - it seeks power and self-realized and self-sufficient people are a threat to state's quest to achieve its desires.

Revolution will only replace one deadly and corrupt government with one that people think is less so. Revolution is not the answer.  Evolution beyond nations, beyond states, and beyond government will bring a true and lasting peace.  Self-rule is the beginning of a liberated world.

"It's better to leave a country many years to early, than to try to leave one day too late."

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