Tuesday, August 16, 2016

More Banks Moving to Negative Interest Rates - What Does It Mean?

Keeping a Ponzi Scheme going...

...for any extended period of time requires some creativity. The collapse of the entire system is inevitable. The object is to keep it going long enough to take all the money and run. As the scheme begins to crumble, more and more new methods of maintaining the illusion of success and wealth are needed.

European banks have begun implementing negative interest rates.

Negative Interest Rates are the future of Legacy Banking. Legacy Banks are those places where you are currently keeping your money safe - places like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, etc. They are built on a business model that is centuries old and has been frought with corruption for its entire existence.

In order to bolster a failing system, many large banks have decided to build up hoards of cash by charging negative interest rates to their depositors. They believe that this means of punishing savers and rewarding borrowers will supercharge the economy and their business. This is likely to be the final nail in the coffin of the Centralized Banking Systems like the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank that have plagued the world for the past two centuries.

What are negative interest rates? Well, normally when you loan money, you charge an interest rate to the borrower. When you put your money into a savings, checking account, or a CD, you are loaning money to the bank. They offer to pay you an interest rate for borrowing the money from you. In many of those accounts you will see that your interest rate is 0%. If you're lucky it might be 0.5% or 1% if you have a large balance.

The bank then loans that money out to people so they can buy houses, cars, or start a business, etc. But they mark up the interest rate pretty significantly. They also have the ability, through the scheme of Fractional Reserve Banking, to lend out more than they have.

With negative interest rates, you will pay the bank to lend them money. In other words, instead of collecting that 0.5% or 1% interest for depositing money into your account, the bank will charge you interest to lend them money.

Logic says that this will cause a run on the banks - that is everyone will withdraw their money and keep it in a safe or "under the mattress". They are hoping that by offering attractive interest rates on home loans and other loans (which will undoubtedly have deposit requirements) that people will opt to pay the interest on their savings and checking accounts so they can get the great interest rates on their loans.

Q: What happens when everyone withdraws their money?
A: That's impossible. Because banks are allowed to lend up to 10,000% or more of the money they are holding in deposits.
In other words: The banks don't have your money. It's gone. So, depositors who clear out their accounts first will be able to do so. Those that wait too long will find that their money was given out to the early arrivals.  

Banking is a sinking ship. Honest businesses do not resort to tactics like this.

Get your money out of Government-backed Central Bank Currencies like the U.S. Dollar, Euro, Yen, etc.

Learn about Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Start moving your money into these currencies and practice using them to buy everyday items. When you learn how these currencies and their underlying blockchains work, you will realize that the collapse of central banks (and their currencies) around the world is a mathematical certainty.

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