Sunday, May 4, 2014

More Agorism in Action

More ways to practice Agorism and build the Free Economy

Starting a business is hard work.  There are many permits, licenses, and other forms of bribery that are
needed to be taken care of before you can even start selling your product or service.

Most businesses start with an idea or a passion for one's art.  Unfortunately that is where a lot of them end, because of all the licenses, permits, fees, taxes, and regulations that hinder the free practice of that art or trade is too much for many people to bear, so they trade their passion in for a job that they often despise.

So, one can go trying to change the laws by getting more laws passed, but that never simplifies the process.

That's where Agorism comes into play.  That is where we simply ignore the state.  We build, expand, and take part in the underground economy.  It's as simple has doing odd jobs where you get paid under the table, send your kids out to mow lawns, and things like that.  We all do it already, so why not just do more of it?

In addition to the previous ideas presented previously, here are some additional ways that you can practice Agorism in your neighborhood and help build the free economy.

Produce a product

That idea for that product that you wanted to produce and sell, but couldn't because you couldn't get past all the bureaucracy, did not have the proper permit, or went blind trying to figure out how to collect, report, and pay sales taxes to your city, county, and state every month?

Make it anyway.  Sell it online.  Sell it to your neighbors, at craft fairs, special events, conventions, or trade shows.  Get out there and do it anyway. Forget about asking permission from your government!  They don't care about you, so why care about them?

Perform a  service

Kids used to do this all the time.  They mowed lawns, shoveled snow, painted fences, washed cars, ran lemonade stands, and all sorts of things like that.  These activities taught them valuable life lessons. Government never bothered to regulate them because they were seen as good opportunities to educate children about economics and work ethics, and it kept them out of trouble.

Now the government sees this as crime.  They see this as cheating them out of tax revenue.  Lately, government has been issuing citations and fines for kids doing these things without a license and reporting the income.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to confiscate these donuts.
If you have a skill, don't worry if you're licensed or not.  Offer that skill for hire.  If your neighbor's fence needs repair and you can do it.  Offer to fix it in trade for something.  Perhaps cash or one of those cool plants that he grows in his basement.

Buy/Sell on Craigslist

Craiglist is an incredible resource for agorism.  It's like a huge garage sale online.  People buy and sell millions of dollars worth of goods and services every day.

You can be a part of that underground economy right now if you haven't already.  Whatever you are in the market to buy, a tractor, snow blower, pizza oven, or Asian massage treatment - before going to one of the big chains or even one of the local retailers, check out your neighbors on Craigslist.  Chances are you'll find it there and you won't have to pay any sales tax.

Probably not going to happen at Massage Envy

Plant a garden

Planting a garden may seem like a lot of hard work... and it is.  But you're probably already gardening.   If you're living in a house, you probably spend a lot of time tending to your lawn.  The lawn is in fact a type of garden.  You spend many a weekend watering, fertilizing, and harvesting your lawn.  Harvesting?  Yeah, harvesting with that thing you call a "lawnmower".  Every weekend you go out and collect your harvest and dump it in the trash or perhaps in a compost heap.  That's right!  You are a garbage farmer.

How did this now-seemingly ridiculous tradition of maintaining a lawn come about?  Well, in America lawns were seen as a sign of wealth.  Short grass, generally meant that you had owned a herd of sheep that grazed on your property.  Most grasses used in lawns were not native to North America, they were native to England, where royalty and wealth lords kept well-manicured lawns as a symbol of their dominion of their land and of nature itself.

In America, lawns were not really popular for the common folk until the Industrial Revolution, which enabled many "average" Americans to live like kings.  The planting of lawns was a symbol showing that a man's home was indeed his castle.

Today, that symbolism is gone.  A lawn is no longer a symbol or royalty.  Too often a well-manicured lawn is mandated by city ordinance or Home Owners' Association bylaws.  In other words, too often, a good looking lawn is a symbol of blind obedience to lords and lawgivers, rather than a symbol of sovereignty and dominion.  It simply shows that you're a damned good garbage farmer.

Aesthetically acceptable according to government

So, why not divert at least some of that time and energy into growing plants that have value in the market, like food?  Not long ago, people were encouraged to grow their own food.  Victory gardens were all the rage after WWII.  Today, planting a garden might get you a citation and a fine.  Selling food that you grow at home could get you in big trouble with health officials, bureaucrats, HOAs, and tax officials.  The government would much prefer that you spend each weekend of your life wasting your labor on meaningless and valueless endeavors such as filling trash bags with lawn clippings, so that your local trash collection unions can keep their dues-paying members busy.  And we all know that nothing goes together like unions and corrupt politicians.

Probably an illegal "eye sore" in your district and according to Lettuce Growers Local #972

Everyone needs food, even those neighbors of yours.  Most people have such a need for food that they are willing to give money to get it.  Yes, instead of throwing away that annoying crap that comes out of the dirt, you can actually sell it!

So, dig up your lawn and start planting food.  It will save you money on your grocery bill and you can probably make some money and/or with your neighbors.  You don't have to start with your entire lawn. Start with a small section, then work from there.

Still more to come...

There are many more ways to get involved and start participating in a free economy and build a more free society.  Feel free to share your experiences, your ideas, questions, or comments in the comments section below.  

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