Thursday, May 8, 2014

What Socialism Looks Like Part 2

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It's an election year, so the unions are out spending money in a big push for an increase in the minimum wage. Whenever unions come out of the woodwork, you invariably see the communist wings of those parties (often in the leadership positions) come out and start pushing for other communist ideas as well.

Lately the #FullCommunism hashtag has been trending on social media as more and more politicians start voicing support for a minimum wage. It's obvious that none of the people supporting this movement have ever lived under a communist regime, so here is another video illustrating what every day life was like in the Soviet Union.

This video shows various shopping experiences in Tallinn in 1990, the capital of Estonia, one year before they revolted and gained their independence from the Soviet Union.

Food was rationed in order to make sure that everyone got their "fair share".  Again, we see the quality of products and customer service when competition and the profit motive are removed from the economy.

Notice the lines for purchasing gasoline.  To those of you who think that it can not happen here, all you have to do is look to the 1970s to see that it already has happened here.  Many of us have no problem remembering the gas lines caused by rationing which was the result of the 1979 Energy Crisis that was created by the Iranian Islamic Revolution and idiotic U.S. foreign policy.

Once again, we see the effects of a top-down, command and control economy or "Planned Economy". 

In 1991, Estonia declared their independence from the USSR after a 4 year revolt known as the "Singing Revolution".  

The destruction of the centralized government, attracted investment from outside Estonia and from within.   In 2003, only 12 years after the above video, we see the effects of Capitalism in the same city of Tallinn.  

Still, we have idiots making and selling this stuff. 
Selling?  Not very Communist...


  1. I'm sure there are those that post/share this shit simply for the shock value and have absolutely no idea what they are wishing upon the lot of us. It's part of the dumbing down of Americans that the educational system bestowed upon us. Will be interesting when they are the ones shocked to bits when their wishes are fulfilled!
    Those of you out there wishing for communism without children better strongly consider remaining as such!

  2. Labor unions, AFL-CIO, SEIU, and the like have been a major driving force behind the push for Communism. They would love to collect dues from 100% of the people who work. As long as they can perpetuate the false notion that employers and employees are at war with each other, they will continue to gain power (and money).